Welcome to the Gulfview Family! We are located in the Port Richey area and have been here for 30+ years.  The team here strives to create an environment of worship in all that we do. We are here to meet you and your family right where you are in life and to help each of you to grow in your walk with Christ. We hope you and your family will consider joining us for Sunday Morning Worship, or one of our Midweek Small Groups - we have an option for every member of the family!

We are a member of the Charis Fellowship

Charis Fellowship is a network of churches, campuses and ministries in the USA and Canada who are passionate about Jesus, His truth, His Relationship, and His Mission. And that mission is to start new churches, train leaders and do good for the sake of the gospel.

Service Times


Adult Sunday School 9:30 AM

Worship Service 10:30 AM

Gulfview Kids 10:30 AM  


7:00 PM

Adult Bible Study, Women's Bible Study

Youth Group, Gulfview Kids

Contact Information


6639 Hammock Rd. Port Richey, FL 34668



(727) 862-7777




What to Expect

We know that looking for a church where you feel comfortable is important. Scripture tells us that meeting together is so valuable and that we should never abandon fellowship within a church family (Hebrews 10:19-25).  We’re glad you decided to stop by and see what we’re all about. So to help calm some nerves and to help you and your family feel more welcome, we have gathered some basic information to answer those first time questions and concerns. 


Who makes up the gulfview family?

What makes us unique is unity within family. We go to great lengths at protecting that family unity that God has so richly blessed us with. We are a unique blend of people, from all walks of life, that represent a multi-generational mix of individuals, just like a family. We love how the Apostle Paul challenges those more mature believers to come along side those younger men and women and to pour into their lives teaching and training them in what is good (Titus 2). We also acknowledge that each of us are at different points along our spiritual journey and at times, it’s the younger that teach the older. Although none of us have it all “figured out”, together we love learning and encouraging each other in our walk with Christ.



Our Sunday mornings are designed with the entire family in mind. From infants to adults there is something for everyone. We aspire to create a warm and welcoming atmosphere where everyone feels comfortable to worship and grow. In our main worship service, we have a blended style of worship from a mix of traditional hymns to the latest in praise and worship. Every element of our service is used to point to our teaching theme for that morning. And our theme is designed to help bring relevant and applicable teaching from God’s Word.



Depending on your family needs we have three main entrances that are labeled to help direct you upon arrival.

  • If you are coming early to join us for our Adult Sunday School at 9:30 AM, we recommend you enter at the Sanctuary entrance. Which is located in the middle of the building.

  • If you are coming with kids and would like to check them in to one of the Gulfview Kid’s classes, before the Worship Service, we would encourage you to enter at the Fellowship Hall (Office) entrance. Which is the first entrance you will see upon arrival. You can also look for a “Gulfview Kids Entrance” sign outside the door to help direct you to the right spot. For security purposes we ask that only families with children attending a Gulfview Kid’s class use this entrance.

  • If you are coming for the Worship Service, at 10:30 AM, you can enter at the Family Life Center (Gymnasium) entrance. Which is the last entrance you will see upon arrival. You can also look for a “Enter Here” sign outside the door to help direct you to the right spot.

If there is inclement weather or you would like to drop someone off right at the door, the Family Life Center entrance has a car ramp and you are welcome to drive right on up. If you are in need of assistance please let one of our greeters know and they would be happy to help. Keep in mind we offer valet parking for those who have difficulty walking. Please note that at 10:45 AM only the main service entrance will be unlocked.


What Should I Wear?

You will see people wearing everything from suits to dresses, khakis and polos, and jeans and t-shirts. We encourage you to wear what you are most comfortable in for worship and fellowship. Come as you are. 


What's available for my kids?

Our Gulfview Kid's programs are for infants through 5th grade. If your children will be attending one of our classes allow yourself a few extra minutes to get them checked in properly using our secure check in system at our children's booth located in the Fellowship Hall. We take kids safety seriously by doing background checks on all of our adult volunteers with Gulfview Kids. After your child is checked in, the volunteer at the booth will help direct you and your child to the correct classroom. For more information about Gulfview Kids Program click here.


Do I need to bring my bible? What Translation DO you use?

We would encourage you to bring your Bible with you to use during the service. Feel free to use any form of the Bible you are most comfortable with, from smartphone to tablet or hard book. All main Scriptures used during the service are displayed on the screen.

At Gulfview we reference from a few translations but our most commonly used version is the NIV. 


What Is yoUR mUSIC lIKE?

Our dynamics at Gulfview is very much like a family and we are a mix of every age. So to help with everyone's style of worship/music you will hear a blended style of music from a mix of traditional hymns to the latest in praise and worship. Our Gulfview Praise Team does an excellent job of incorporating multiple instruments in a very worshipful, energetic, and enjoyable way as we praise God together.


If you have a question or concern that we didn't address, please feel free to contact us.