We are excited that your family has chosen to worship and grow with the Gulfview Family. We want you to know that we truly care about each and every child that steps into one of our classrooms. It is our desire that each family feel safe, welcomed, and loved. We are thrilled that your child will have the opportunity to learn about Jesus and we want this experience to be as rewarding as possible. 

SUNDAY @ 10:30 AM

A combined time of worship, bible stories, crafts, games, snacks, and kid friendly activities that all tie in the bible point for the week.


The kids begin in separated classrooms for the bible story and then they divide into mixed groups to travel between stations that weave in the bible story and point for the evening: Snack, Games, Crafts, Music & Bible Memory. 


At Gulfview Kids our focus is to share the love and truth of Jesus Christ with every child that steps into one of our classrooms. We desire that children will anchor their lives in the truths found in God's word and will have a passionate heart that will seek God as they grow. 



Newborn to 2 year olds


In the nursery your little ones will be guided to the love of Jesus through playful interactions with fellow kids and teachers while being taught basic bible principles through music and story telling.



3 - 5 year olds


Kids will take the helm while exploring God's Word. They will be actively engaged in the Bible stories and activities that are designed to help your children dive deep in the understanding of God's grace, love, and the way's He has worked through His creation since the beginning of time.



6 - 11 year olds


Elementary Kids will anchor their faith in the truths found in God's Word. They will be involved in Bible stories and activities that will challenge them to seek God in all areas of their life and will be encouraged to share what they are learning with others outside of the classroom.


When you arrive visit us at the Children's Booth located in the Family Life Center (Gymnasium). One of our Volunteers will register your family into our secure check-in system, explain the name and parental security tags, and direct you to your child's class. The name badges are required for admittance into one of the children's classrooms and for dismissal. 



Check-In is located in the Family Life Center (Gymnasium) at the Children's Booth.

Check-In begins 15 minutes before the start of each class time and ends 15 minutes after the start of each class time. 

A name tag will be printed for your child that will be placed on their shirt. Also, a random sequence tag, which matches your child's tag will be printed for you, the parent or guardian, to hold on to. You will need this tag after the service in order to check your child out. Please keep it with you.   



Check-Out begins at the close of service and ends once every child is dismissed.

Return to the Children's Booth to check-out your child. 

Present your printed tag to the volunteer at the Children's Booth and they will call your child down from the classroom to be dismissed with you  



In the event that our volunteers or your child would need you, we will send a text message to the mobile number that was provided at check-in. Please set your phones on silent and have them available.

If your child is sick or experiencing a fever, for the safety of the other children, we ask that you keep your child at home.     


Thank you for your help with making Gulfview a more fun and safe learning environment for all the children here.